Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another Dream Come True

Sometimes, I don't even care what they are talking about. The voices of Iowa Public Radio and NPR are enough to keep my mind happy. They are all unique in some way. Just listening to them is a bit of an adventure in and of itself.

I spent much of my youth and early adult life lost. Bad decision after bad decision. Lucky for me, eventually the fog lifted and I saw a different way. Adventure became my addiction and anywhere I could go, watch or listen to get some, I would. Scanning the radio dial many many years ago, I stumbled on this great voice on this random station I had never tuned into before. The ladies name was Charity Nebbe and her voice grabbed me, so I removed my finger from the radio console and settled in. That was the start of my love for IPR/NPR.

I never liked the news. It always seemed filled with negativity and many times with an agenda. Iowa Public Radio/NPR was so much more. It was so broad and seemingly without agenda. The people interviewed  and the topics covered were so interesting. It was adventure by radio. I was hooked!!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Lindsey Moon asking If I'd be interested in being on Talk of Iowa. Refraining from typing back "HELL YEAH!!" fearing that may be a bit unprofessional, I settled for a more subtle reply. "ABSOLUTELY!!!". Could this be any better??? Well, actually, yes it could. They decided to have me come into the Grand Avenue studios in Des Moines on Iowa caucus Monday. I'm no expert, and could be totally off base here, but on a day when the whole world was watching Iowa, this seemed like a pretty sweet day to be on the show.

At 10 am this past Monday, that captivating voice from years ago introduced "Steve Cannon from Mediapolis, Iowa" and welcomed me to the show. You can listen to the show in it's entirety here.

Thank you Lindsey Moon, Charity Nebbe and all the folks at IPR/NPR for all you do.

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