Sunday, August 13, 2017

Upside Down in the Yukon River - Cover Unveil


          Y'all are the first to see the new cover.
                      What do you think???

If all goes well, Upside Down in the Yukon River will release in the next month, perhaps sooner. I can't believe it. How does a kid that got a 12 on his English ACT's write a book?!?! (Let alone 2) 

Thank goodness for great editors!

Before we get to the cover though, How about you join me for an amazing cup of jo and a chat?!?!?!

We will be announcing the release date soon and an opportunity to own it for the "early bird" price of $0.99! Want to be on that list? Click HERE to do so and as a bonus you will get my first book "40 DAYS" FREE for yourself or give it to a friend if you already own a copy. it is!!! What do you think????


Thank you for being a part of my journey.
Until next time...

Steve Cannon

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